IYEP Testimonials

“People who come together with similar intentions can come together as strangers and leave as good friends without their differences (ideology, cultural background) getting in the way….I learned That I can continuously be inspired.”
Siti Khayriyyah Binti Mohd Hanafiah, Malaysian, IYEP ’08

“I gained exposure to international problems and personal experiences of participants….One of the things I learned was to prepare solar cookers =) I’m definitely gonna try again….I learnt about the world café here in the workshop and it’s very true that everything starts with a single conversation!
Sahana Bajracharya, Nepalese, IYEP ’08

“I realized how much our lives have become detached from our environment and nature and the problems faced as well as the threats….My attitude and thinking has to be fuelled by this event but has to be constantly be motivated personally to implement the awareness….I learned today how important and challenging it is to act and think and go into discourse collectively….As a result [of IYEP2] I plan to give more priority to regulating my lifestyle and my consumption manners, as well as participate in teaching and spreading more awareness on the issue…. It [world café] is very creative an idea to be implemented as a form of education and discourse.”
Meryem Uzar, Turkish, IYEP ’08

“I have realized the kind of strain we humans put on the environment. We realize that the environment is certainly not in such a good shape. And we have the duty of improving the condition…. I have started thinking about things learned from the program and applying them to my daily activities. If we have many more people doing the same, other people will observe and it will expand and will contribute towards building a sustainable future….The world café concept was great! I never realized it was so useful until I tried it here. It was new for me, and it was probably one of the best things in this workshop.”
Mohamad Haroon Shoukat Ali, Indian, IYEP ’08

“Resources on the planet are unfairly and unevenly distributed to begin with and utilization of these in a manner that harms all sides for selfish needs is rampant and has to be checked as urgently as possible…. It’s [world café] a WONDERFUL CONCEPT! Something I plan to use in any program or a discussion group I have. It’s fun and at the same time, a very innovative method of pooling different ideas and opinions.”
Fanoos Qadri, Kashmiri, IYEP ’08

“What I realized is that, it [IYEP2] enhanced our perception towards the global changes from different views. Very good exposure….As a result I plan to share my experience with my family and colleagues about the environment as to how to save it from getting deteriorated….The world café was Superb! This is the first time I’ve gone through discussion like “world café”. A very excellent approach, that makes the youth think globally by having different table swops- thinking from different angles in a different ways.”
Noor Sharizan Binti Ramli, Malaysian, IYEP ’08

“Through learning more I can now act wisely when creating social enterprise & initiatives….[world café] A great experience and openness to share/critique thoughts, ideas and stories.”
Krystal Jane Spencer, Australian, IYEP ’08

“More than anything, I realized there are countries already affected by environmental issues and practicing alternatives /saving/etc….It [IYEP2] has made me realize we in Malaysia have an opportunity to start early and make a difference……..I learned that there is HOPE for mankind and the environment, even thought the numbers don’t look so….Steps need not be large and gigantic. I’m going to switch off lights, and turn off taps, useless plastic, drive less, walk more, don’t waste, eat in moderation, speak less, listen more….The world café was very an interesting and effective concept of conversation to bring out ideas and knowledge.”
Vijay Dorai, Malaysian, IYEP ’08

“What I achieved through this experience absolutely surpassed my expectations… Not only making friends and sharing experiences with intelligent and knowledgeable people from all over the world, I learned so many things about the true essence of religion, what it actually teaches, and that religion somehow has the ability to actually realize peace in this inter-civilizational world… And through IYEP I am convinced that faith, religion, respect, understanding, and forgiveness might be the key to end all of the suffering there is in this world and thus create a universal civilization of peace… Thank you so much to all who have made this IYEP program possible.”
Suryamita Harindrari, Indonesia, IYEP ‘07

“The IYEP event had totally changed my point of view about religion and interfaith…I’d thought a lot about my religion… After I joined IYEP, I realized that I need much more knowledge about Islam itself in a different way… My favourite speaker in IYEP is the last speaker, [Dr Kamar Oniah Kamaruzzaman]. I only heard her speech once, but it was enough to change all of my baseline thought about life. By these changes, I always communicate about things with my friends in a different way. I know it is not much, I hope I can do more for my society in the future.”
Ranni Kusumawardhani, Indonesia. IYEP ‘07

“The biggest thing that I got out of the [IYEP] was motivation to see changes and try to make changes. I was more willing to give my time to such causes than before, though I still did try to engage myself in dialogues, interfaith activities and social work… I had a great time at the [IYEP] and met many amazing individuals. It really motivated me because it is nice to know there are good people who are trying to make a difference. Getting people like that together makes us stronger as a unit.”
Hafsa Ahsan, USA, IYEP ‘07

“The effect of the [IYEP] on my world-view was profound…From my interactions with the other participants I came to realize that even with my open ears and open heart, there were simply fundamental points of difference in opinion that weren’t going to converge through discussion with one another…we would have to agree to disagree… I’ve been able to share the insight I gained from the [IYEP] with friends who have been curious enough to ask about my attendance. And I’m grateful to be able to have made friends through the [IYEP] who continue to share their insights with me.”
Helen Hanford, Australia, IYEP ‘07

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