Internship Policy

1. Any person who is above the age of 18 years may apply for Internship with JUST.

2. Application procedures:

  • · application to be made by either email or ordinary mail, which must be enclosed with CV (in full), indicating area of interest and specifying period of internship intended.
  • · application must be accompanied by the following:

+confirmation of status from a recognized institution or organisation, together with either :

+an academic referee with address/contact number or email address; or

+a reference from any member of JUST or from any person known to JUST; or

+ a reference from the organisation of the applicant.

3. A minimum period of internship shall be one month.

4. An intern is expected to assist in any or all of the following areas:-Research / projects / editorial/ campaign / website / library / database maintenance

5. JUST does not provide any financial assistance for travel, board or lodging.

6. An allowance of RM500.00 per month may be paid to an intern.

7. An intern shall observe a minimum of 40 working hours per week.

8. An intern is expected to keep confidential all information obtained in the course of his/her duties with JUST and shall not divulge such information or make use of it in a manner that is detrimental or prejudicial to JUST.

9. An intern shall not give any statement to any newspaper, publication, news or media about JUST or regarding any information that is obtained during his/her internship with JUST.

10. JUST shall not be responsible for any entry or visa requirement or any other requirement from governmental agencies or authorities for participation in the internship programme with JUST.

The Internship Programme

Since the internship programme was launched in 2004, we have had 14 interns, half of them from abroad, and they have contributed immensely to the well-being and development of the organization, from editorial assistance in the compilation of essays for publication to helping with background research for the production of a slide presentation on JUST’s ten year struggle. These examples are by no means exhaustive and due to the wide-ranging activities that JUST is constantly involved in, interns can expect to have their training to reflect this diversity and versatility.

Here are some of the areas in which interns will be working on:

Conferences, Forums and Lectures

Interns may be called upon to assist in the organizing of seminars, forums and lectures. Their duties may vary from giving ideas during brainstorming sessions, liaising with external bodies, preparing materials for presentation and exhibition to helping out during the day itself.

Editorial Assistance

JUST publishes a monthly newsletter, JUST Commentary, as well as books and monographs. Here interns will provide editorial assistance in the form of compilation of essays, selecting and proof-reading articles for publication in the newsletter and if required, design and layout of publications.


Interns will also have the opportunity to carry out research under the supervision of JUST, on issues and topics for conferences, forums and seminars, as well as for our on-going research projects in collaboration with foreign institutions. In addition, exhibitions as well as multimedia presentations may also require background research.

Website and ICT Support

While our website ( is maintained by our staff, interns may be of service in providing the content for the website, writing up materials, updates and other information as well as sourcing out articles to be posted on the website, or if they so wish, publish their own articles online.

Other Public Programmes

From time to time, we organize programmes for the public such as the Young Leaders Programme and the Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Programme that aim to promote our objectives among the youth. Interns will be interacting directly with the participants, help arrange the programmes including moderating and facilitating the events and activities.

Benefits of Internship

No doubt interns will reap tremendous benefits during their tenure with JUST. Such skills cultivated during their training as organizational management, leadership, interpersonal communication, team-building and work ethics rank as equally important as academic credentials acquired through the traditional university curriculum and will enhance their personal and career prospects while simultaneously be of great service to their own universities.

Interns can also expect to gain other benefits from their internship:

Global and international outlook

The fact that many of JUST’s interns hail from abroad provide immense opportunity for local students to engage in cross-cultural and inter-civilizational dialogue among their peers.

Work alongside prominent members of society

As JUST regularly holds talks and programmes by public personalities, interns will have first-hand encounter with these learned individuals thereby exposing them to the dynamics of policy-making and decision-making even before they enter the labour market.

Social networking

The bonds forged during the internship too need not end with the tenure of office. Indeed, many who have participated in our previous events and programmes still maintain contact with one another even after many years since they part ways. The 2005 Young Leaders Programme participants, for example, started an online Yahoo! Group while another 2006 batch has created a blog page. JUST takes every effort to foster strong network ties among interns and others involved in our programmes and encourages the formation of informal groups and circles as well as social networking websites among them.

—Apply abstract theories and concepts to reality and see how they hold upInterns will have the chance to apply their knowledge gained through formal academic courses in real life and in manifold ways through our many programmes.

—Be part of the growing movement of civil societies demanding change and a more just global system

—Work skills –Interns will get real life experience in an office environment by acquiring unlimited practical skills.

—Referrals by respected intellectuals and activists –JUST will be happy to provide referrals or recommendation letters for interns who perform satisfactorily.


Given the far-reaching implications of our consistent and fervent commitment to global peace and justice, our internship programme has attracted many young students eager to make a difference in the world and be part of the civil society movements that continue to define and shape the course of history. We can confidently attest, based on our track record and testimonies of past participants, that prospective interns will have a wonderful experience with us that will never slip off their memory.


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