Declaration on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid in Historic Palestine
Published Date : July 27, 2021. By admin
Sign the petition: President Biden must close Guantánamo prison
Published Date : July 13, 2021. By admin
Take Action! #SaveSheikhJarrah and Defend Jerusalem: Boycott Israel, Support Palestinian Resistance
Published Date : May 18, 2021. By admin
End the Spiral of Violence: Sanctions Now!
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ACTION ALERT: CAIR Thanks Members of Congress for Supporting Palestinian Human Rights
Published Date : . By admin
A Global Demand to 35 Governments: Get Your Troops Out of Afghanistan / A Thank You to 6 That Already Have
Published Date : March 19, 2021. By admin
Unsilencing Abuse
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Let’s get U.S. troops out of Syria & Iraq!
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Palestinian Students Solidarity Campaign #FreePalestinianStudents
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Tell Congress: Demand that Israel provide the COVID-19 vaccine to Palestinians
Published Date : February 19, 2021. By admin