About Us


It is an empire that allows a privileged minority to
dominate and control the world. Its dominant power is
perpetuated through war and violence.

It is an empire in which the vast majority of humankind
remains poor and powerless. It panders to the
unbridled greed of a few but fails to provide for the
basic needs of the many.

An empire which encourages greed to grow and
selfishness to spread is a threat to humanity. It
undermines the spiritual and moral basis of

It would be a tragedy if such an empire becomes the
inheritance of our children.

This is why, all of us, wherever we are, and whoever we
are, must do all we can to help create a just world. This
is the duty and responsibility of every human being.
This is a task that transcends ethnic and religious
affinities, national and regional boundaries. It is a
challenge that goes beyond the North-South divide, the
First World-Third World dichotomy.

Today, more than at any other time in the past, human
civilization possesses the knowledge and technology
to create a just world. We have broken down most of
the physical and geographical barriers that separate
human beings from one another. Indeed, we have in
the last few decades, evolved new and more effective
means of communication with the potential of bringing
humankind close together. This is what makes the
present situation conducive for inter-faith,
inter-civilizational dialogue.

Through dialogue and interaction, we shall discover
that the spiritual and moral worldviews and values
embodied in all religious and cultural philosophies can
offer the human race much needed guidance in our
common quest for a just world.

Contemporary knowledge systems also provide us with
fresh insights into the type of structures and
relationships that can reduce injustice and enhance

The challenge that confronts us now is to harness our
values and our knowledge to create a just world. The
International Movement for a Just World (JUST) is a
response to that challenge. It is because of our
commitment to a just world that we decided to
establish on the 1st of August 1992 a society which
will seek, in a modest way, to develop global
awareness of the injustices within the existing system
with the aim of evolving an alternative international
order which will enhance human dignity and social
justice. More specifically, our primary goal is to
establish a spiritual and intellectual foundation for a
just world.