Young Leaders’ Programme

NOTE: The YLP has been replaced with the Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Program (IYEP)in tandem with our vision to carry out the objectives to the global level.


To develop a deeper understanding of global challenges and how youths can contribute toward the creation of a just world.
To foster a closer relationship among Malaysian youths from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Target Group:

The YLP aims to reach out to Malaysians between the ages of 20 and 25. The target group takes into account ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation and geography. It attempts to achieve a balanced composition


Lectures, presentations, experiential learning workshops, and outdoor activities form the main framework of the Work camp. The Work Camp encourages active participation and empowerment so that ownership and the learning processes are enhanced.


Through the YLP, issues such as global poverty, global democracy, global health and social ills, hegemony, war and terrorism, globalization, the human dignity, media, role of the UN, ASEAN, and other important emerging issues that affect all humanity and the earth.


Participants should have a good command of English. Eventually we hope YLP would be extended to cover ASEAN, and other parts of Asia and the Asian Pacific Rim countries.


YLP is 4-day stay-in Workcamp. It is held in a conducive environment that promotes good immersion for the participants so that they can absorb the contents while they interact with their fellow participants from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. After the Programme we, the International Movement for a Just World, continue to keep in touch with them by strongly encouraging them to sustain the links between them and organize follow up sessions. YLP participants are also encouraged to access the JUST e-commentary and reading materials at the JUST office apart from joining activities organized by the Movement. Hopefully the YLP alumni would be able to make possible changes to their lives and the lives of others.

Themes of YLP since 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively:

Youth and the challenge of Globalization (11-14 July)
Youth for Peace (16 -19 October)
The Quest for Human Dignity (30 September – 3 October)
Youths: Empowerment for change (22 – 25 October)
Youths: Freedom and Responsibility (17– 20 August).

How to participate in the Young Leaders Programme?

Invitation letter and registration material are sent to different universities, colleges, corporate sectors, civil society groups, religious organizations at least two and half months before the event. Information on forthcoming YLP events are also sometimes pasted on notice boards when permitted by the management in universities, colleges and organizations. Emails are sent to all the above groups. This would be followed by telephone calls to the Human Resource department and the Student Affairs department. Upon receipt of nominees from the respective organizations and sectors, YLP coordinator and team will call all nominees to have a short conversation with them to find out further about their interest in coming to the Work camp. The selection is made in the course of 4 to 2 weeks prior to the event.

Themes and Sub-topics

2006- Youths: Freedom and Responsibility

Overview of Freedom of and Responsibility
Freedom: Article One from the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
Freedom: Icons from History and contemporary times
Freedom and the relationship to Power
Freedom and Youth: A panelist of young leaders from previous Work camps.
Expression and Limits
Case studies of Freedom and Responsibility
Transparency and Accountability
Freedom and the challenges of choice
Inner Freedom

Report of the 5th YLP can be read here

2005- Youths: Empowerment for change

Global and national trends: Challenges and opportunities
The family, career and social responsibility
Religion, Culture, Plurality
Materialism, Lifestyles, Resources management
Politics, Conflict, Justice
Servanthood Leadership

2004- “The quest for human dignity”

Human dignity and Basic needs
Human dignity and Responsibilities
Human dignity and Respect
Human dignity as a sacred value
Human dignity and Human rights
Human dignity and the Principle of reciprocity
Human dignity and Justice

2003- Youths for Peace

The Nature of war
How Youths see war
The Impact of war
The Causes of war
Violence and Society
Religion and Peace
Creating a culture of peace
Practical towards Peace
Youths building Peace

2002- Youth and Challenge of globalization

Understanding our world
How is the world changing?
Our understanding of the process of globalization and the meaning of life
Globalization and Information and Communication Technology
Globalization and the culture of Youth and Lifestyle
Globalization and Economics
Working groups on Economic Globalization and Social Justice
Shared Spiritual and Moral values
Our vision of a new world
Globalization and politics
Multi-faith Action for change
Commitment for change