The Conflict in Syria: An Insider's View

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

ISIS, Kuala Lumpur


"The Conflict in Syria: An Insider's View"

by MOTHER SUPERIOR AGNES- MARIAM DE LE CROIX (Convent of St James the Mutiliated of Qara, Homs in Syria)

on Wednesday, 3rd July 2013,

from 9:15am to 11:15am,

at ISIS Conference Room (2nd Floor)
No 1, Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin,
50778 Kuala Lumpur,
Location Map:

Admission is FREE

Please RSVP via Tel: 03 - 2693 9366; Fax: 03 - 2691 3210 or email: or not later than 28th June 2013.

Mother Agnes-Mariam will provide an update on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria, in particular the refugees and the internally displaced people. Drawing on her own extensive experience she will present an assessment of the conflict which is in many respects different from the mainstream narrative of Western media. Mother Agnes-Mariam will give an account of her work on reconciliation (mussalaha) and suggest ways in which the international community can assist the process of reconciliation and a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

“The Syrian conflict has revealed dangerous fault lines in the framework of the levantine social fabric that threatens to ignite the whole region with sectarian wars. Is there a path to peace that could reconcile the antagonists? Is peace possible despite the enmity that has risen here and there from the bloodshed? Will religion be the ignitor or the fireman of such a fire?”- Mother Agnes Mariam

Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross is the daughter of a Lebanese mother and a Palestinian father who fled Nazareth in 1948. She travelled continents in search of meaning and context in life and found her purpose in life through the expression of faith. After returning to Lebanon in 1971, she joined the Carmelite order. In 1992 she received the blessing and permission of her community to serve the Melkite Greek-Catholic Church in her monastic vocation, travelling to France to study the Syriac and Hebrew monastic traditions. She also has a specialisation in Icons and the study of Iconography. In 1994 she began the work of establishing a new monastic foundation in Syria and commenced the restoration of the ruined ancient 6th century Monastery of St. James the Mutilated near Qara in the Diocese of Homs, Syria. Over the last 18 years the Monastery and the order she established, has become an integral part of life in the district serving the local and wider community. In 2010 the monastery welcomed 25,000 visitors from Syria and the international community. Mother Agnes Mariam is spokesperson for the Catholic Media centre of Homs and a member of the “Mussalaha” Reconciliation Initiative, an extraordinary community-based non-violent popular initiative born within the Homs civil society that is tired of war.