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Saturday, 26 March 2016

11:00 AM - AM

Just Office, Petaling Jaya

The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) organized its Triennial General Meeting on the 26 March 2016, at the JUST Office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor


The meeting commenced at 11.10 am with the Secretary-General, Anas Zubedy, observing that the quorum stipulated in the JUST Constitution had been reached.  JUST members then observed a one minute silence in remembrance of a JUST member and a member of the JUST International Advisory Panel who had passed away in the last three years.


The meeting proceeded on the basis of the agenda.


The Chairperson of the JUST Election Sub-Committee, Dato’ Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohammad Noor Haji Salleh introduced himself as well as his fellow JUST Election Sub-Committee members which comprised  JUST members, Aizat Roslan, Syazanna Lim bte Abdullah, Nadimur Rahman Talha, and Syed Salim Agha.


Mohammad Noor outlined the processes accompanying the nomination and election of the new 2016-2019 JUST Executive Committee (EXCO) members and announced their names and their respective positions. All EXCO members were returned unopposed.

The new2016-2019 JUST EXCO line-up is as follows:



Dr. Chandra Muzaffar



Mr. Anas Zubedy



Mr. Junaid Ahmad


Assistant Secretary-General

Tengku Ahmad Hazri



Dr. Arujunan Narayanan


Committee Members

Dr. Abdullah Al- Ahsan

Dato’ Sri Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos

Md. Khaldun Abd. Malek

Ms. Munisah Yusoff

Mr. Nor Hakim Ismail

Tengku Iskandar Tengku Adnan

Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi

Mr. Shazmi Ali

Ms. Sharifah Nazneen Syed Agha

Dr. Sharifah Syahirah Syed Sheikh


JUST has also appointed two new Internal Auditors and also updated the JUST Trustees:



Ms. Maria Yan Swee Yoon

Mr. Syed Salim Agha



Datuk Yap Lim Sen

Datuk Sidek Osman

K Haridas


In his address JUST President, Chandra Muzaffar,  reviewed the global situation which continues to manifest glaring injustices across the world and  lamented on the state of apathy towards global politics as demonstrated by various sections of society. This attitude and mentality of indifference only benefits the global elites who continue to perpetuate these injustices in pursuit of their own destructive agendas. Despite this, there are still some glimmers of hope as people and communities continue their struggles to address these injustices.


Chandra concluded his speech, drawing attention to the leadership transition in JUST within the next 3 years.


The TGM also saw a lively discussion among the attending JUST members who had made various suggestions on how JUST should function in the coming future in order to effectively address a technologically modernizing social landscape. Much of the discussion revolved around the topic of new media and its usage, which could potentially turn JUST into a more effective and engaging movement, especially among the younger generation.


In total, there were 42 JUST members who attended the 2016 Triennial General Meeting. It was the largest TGM turnout in JUST’s history.


Report prepared by JUST Programme Coordinator Hassanal Noor Rashid.


30 March 2016.