Conspiracy and Mass Media in Venezuela

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Monday, 30 November -0001

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Just Office, Petaling Jaya

As a means to disseminate information, the mass media is one of the most revolutionary and powerful tools to date, further enhanced by the advent of internet technologies and social media. 
What is also evident however is that, as a tool with such far reaching effects, it has been actively used and abused by those in the positions of power to further advance their own self-interests as well as that of their masters.
In the case of Venezuela, the mass media plays an instrumental role in fabricating a narrative during its coverage of the protests against the country’s democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro.
With such clear biasness and purposeful omission of information by media institutions, the modern mass media has transformed itself into a political actor with an agenda that seeks to undermine the social fabric of the country.
“In these dangerous times, one of the most destructive weapons of all is pseudo-information.”-John Pilger
10.30 AM : PRESENTATION BY PROFESSOR LUIS BRITTO GARCIA (Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Central University of Venezuela)       
11.30 AM : Q&A Session
Prof. Luis Britto Garcia is narrator, essayist, playwright, artist who has won numerous awards in the field of Literature. With his vast experience and as a member of the State Council, and his position as a Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Central University of Venezuela since 1988, he will bring an interesting insight into literature and integration in Venezuela over the years, even before the Chavez era. He was conferred the National Prize for Literature of Venezuela in 2001 and in 2010 awarded the Alba Cultural Award in Letters; both for his extensive work.