IYEP2 2008

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

De Palma Hotel, Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Green versus Greed: Youths Reflect on the Environmental Challenge , was a five day (16_20 Nov, 2008) International Youth Engagement Program (IYEP2) organised by JUST International to introduce young people to the impending environmental crisis facing the planet. There is a need for the young to get their voices heard for the future of the planet which they will soon inherit. For ease of analysis for those who are new to the subject, the environment was divided into 4 elements, like the division devised long ago by ancient civilisations - which are: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. Each element has a crisis attached to it and they are: World Water Crisis, World Food Crisis, Climate Change and the Energy Crisis. Also the format of the discussion used was the World Café approach (conversation for change) with five discussion tables representing the 5 important stakeholders which are: Spiritual, Education, Business, Government and Lifestyle.
The workshops had almost 50 young participants (aged between 20-25) from different parts of the world voicing their concerns for the environment. Most of the participants were alarmed at how the Earth is being managed at the moment. They also felt that they have to do something to change the direction of development of the modern world. As such the declaration suggested by the participants as the first step by the young to get their voices heard. They spoke as the future of the planet, the people who have to live with the current generation's mistakes, and the people whose voices are not heard in the decision making process.