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Inter-civilizational Youth Engagement Program

16-20 November 2008
De Palma Hotel, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia


We, the participants of the Inter-civilizational Youth Engagement Program (IYEP2) 2008 held at De Palma Hotel, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia, 49 youths and youth leaders from over 15 countries, after discussing world environmental crises under the theme “Green vs. Greed: Youths Reflect on the Environmental Challenge” over five days, declare that:


  1. Nature, the environment and all the resources therein are a sacred trust for humankind, and it is critical that we manage them with respect;
  2. Governments all over the world must demonstrate their will and strong commitment towards achieving environmental sustainability, societal rights and values;
  3. The business community should redefine their priorities to encompass safeguarding the environment and society in their profit making initiatives;
  4. The whole of humanity should reevaluate and redefine its needs in order to do away with the culture of wastage, in pursuit of happiness for all;
  5. A thorough reevaluation and revitalization of education should be undertaken to ensure positive changes in society intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We make this declaration recognizing that we are the stewards of the environment. We believe that we should move away from a self-centered culture towards a civilization that emphasizes caring and sharing. We hope the leaders of governments, communities, and industries would take heed of our call and safeguard the planet for us and the future generations.
— De Palma Hotel, 20 November 2008


Adel bin Johar, Malaysia
Anas Ismaiel Hassanien, Egypt
Chan Chee Sum, Malaysia
Cheah Chee Ho, Malaysia
Ediola Pashollari, Albania
Faatimah Salmyyah Raheem, Sri Lanka
Fachrul Razi Sip, Aceh, Indonesia
Fachwinalia Keumalasari, Aceh, Indonesia
Faleel Mohamed Nifraj, Sri Lanka
Fanoos Qadri, Kashmir
Fazafirdafirdayu binte Muhamad Fauzi, Australia
Florim Musa, Kosovo
Haanusia Prithivi Raj, Malaysia
Hajidin Berisha, Kosovo
Hassanal bin Noor Rashid, Malaysia
Ilyani Binti Alias, Malaysia
Khatijah Khalilur Rahman, Malaysia
Kok Phui Kuan, Malaysia
Koosha Najmi, Iran
Krystal Jane Spencer, Australia
Low Ze Han, Malaysia
Maher Mohammed Ali Rageh, Yemen
Meryem Uzar, Turkey
Mohamad Ehaab Waqar, India
Mohamad Haroon Shoukat Ali, India
Mohamed Saiful bin Md Anuar, Singapore
Mohammed Nasser Bin Yusof, Malaysia
Muamer Ramic, Bosnia
Muhammad Abdullah Darraz, Indonesia
Muhammad Irfan bin Abdullah, Malaysia
Muhammad Taufik Evendi, Aceh, Indonesia
Noor Sharizan binti Ramli, Malaysia
Nor Hakim Ismail, Malaysia
Nur Jeevan Guna Segar, Malaysia
Onapajo Kunle Hakeem, Nigeria
Pang Chuin Keat, Malaysia
Renee Loke May Qi, Malaysia
Reuben Koh Wei Pin, Malaysia
Ridwan Fachruddin, Indonesia
Sahana Bajracharya, Nepal
Sarah Binti Semsubhari, Malaysia
Sarah J. Williams, Australia
Saswati Debnath, India
Sharlene Rani Kumaravellu, Malaysia
Siti Khayriyyah binti Mohd Hanafiah, Malaysia
Suad Ali Osman, Australia
Teh Lee Wen, Malaysia
Vijay Dorai, Malaysia
Wan Abdul Matiin, Malaysia