Muslims Today

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 282 ISBN : 9699556005

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While global hegemony and other forces external to Muslim community have shaped its outlook, there are also internal forces that have moulded its thinking on religious issues. The religious elites developed a mutually beneficial perpetuate power. Certain conservative notions of the place of women in society, the role of non-Muslim minorities, and the sacrosanct status of the Muslim criminal code can be traced back to the matrix of power forged by an incestuous religious-cum-political nexus.

Religion Seeking Justice and Peace

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 201 ISBN : 9789838614436

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Religion Seeking Justice and peace not only highlights the values that the different religion share in their pursuit of justice and peace but also provides concrete examples of how individuals and institutions from different religious background have worked for justice and peace throughout history. The book also exposes the danger of religious extremism, religious exclusivism and other such negative traits to the struggle for justice and peace. It takes cognizance of the impact of the larger environment upon religious ideals and, at the same time, makes a plea for the application of universal values and principles embodied in the various religions to politics, economics, culture and society. This is particularly important, some of the contributors argue at a time like this when humanity is confronted with multiple global crises

Exploring Religion In Our Time

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 103 ISBN : 9789838614665

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This book is an attempt to understand some of the most important issues that have emerged in the interface between religion and society in recent decades. What is the role that religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism play in the public sphere today? How have governments established in the name of religion fared in matters pertaining to governance? What are the forces responsible for the shift towards religion as the principle conduit for reform and protest in certain societies in Asia? Is the religious worldview and are religion values relevant to the resolution of the major crises confronting humanity today - from environmental degradation to the economic meltdown? What sort of transformation will have to take place within religion itself if it is to serve as a spiritual-moral compass in a world that is moving inexorably in the wrong direction? These are some of the questions that this book seeks to answer through both empirical analysis and theoretical reflections.

Hegemony: Justice; Peace [Out of Print]

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 224 ISBN : 9789833718559

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HEGEMONY: JUSTICE; PEACE is a serious attempt to understand global hegemony in all its manifestations. It studies the causes and consequences of global hegemony, Its relationship to oil, the global economy, global politics, security, violence, and inter-faith ties. It shows how global hegemony impacts upon specific countries. Most of all, the book spells out in lucid language how global hegemony effects each and every one of us – citizens of planet earth. It also analyzes in depth the resistance to hegemony in various parts of the world. It distinguishes different forms of resistance. Nonetheless, the books views resistance as a whole as a plea for justice, as a yearning for peace. It explores how through resistance to hegemony, followers of different religions can forge enduring networks of solidarity. Multi-faith opposite ion to hegemony is a re-affirmation of our common humanity – which is one of the recurring themes of the book.

Religion and Governance

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 153 ISBN : 9789673231102

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This is perhaps one of the first books to explore in depth and detail the relationship between religion and governance. An attempt has been made to understand how the values and principles of nine different spiritual and religious philosophies - Indigenous Spirituality; Hinduism; Judaism; Buddhism; Confucianism; Christianity; Islam; Sikhism; and the Baha'i Faith - Impact upon governance. What emerges from these nine discourses are a cluster of ideas which reveals that while their histories and theologies may be different, the various religions have many similarities in their common commitment to the dignity and the well-being of humanity. It is these parallels in their understanding of what constitute good governance which is the essence of this informative and insightful book.

Subverting Greed: Religious Perspective on the Global Economy

By : Paul F.Knitter & Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 224 ISBN : 9789671109953

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“Subverting Greed seeks to provide an ethical compass based on multi-religious insights that will stimulate dialogue, especially in college classrooms. In these settings, Subverting Greed can act as a counterweight to traditional economic texts that are sometimes blind to the human dimension hidden beneath theories and formulas. At a time when religion, in its fanatical, dangerously closed form has enabled acts of terrible destruction, interfaith partnerships among religious believers working for a better world are more Important than ever. Such a partnership gave birth to this book.”

The Quran and I

By : Anas Zubedy Number of Pages : 216 ISBN : 9789834436223

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The Quran and I is a collection of short memoirs, reflections and childhood memories. It depicts how the Quran inspires one man on a day-to-day basis, starting from lessons learned from his grandfather till the time he launched his first career and beyond. Honest, touching, hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, the stories are uniquely Malaysian, at once personal and universal, told with hope and love.

A Plea for Empathy, The Quest for Malaysia Unity

By : Chandra Muzaffar Number of Pages : 292 ISBN : 9789834436216

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A Plea for Empathy, The Quest for Malaysian Unity, is a collection of twenty-three articles on Malaysian national unity that appeared in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and books published in Malaysia and abroad, between 1974 and 2008