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May 16, 2018

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We, The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), emphasize that the suicide bombings that occurred in several churches in Surabaya are NOT part of Islamic teachings. Damaging places of worship is clearly forbidden in Islamic teachings, as described in Surah Al-Hajj verse 40, to protect places of worship of any religion from violent and irresponsible acts. Because this is not part of Islamic teachings, it is important for all Muslims to strongly voice their disapproval of terrorism in various forms of publicly accessible media. As the majority population of Indonesia, we cannot sit still and tolerate the development of terrorism in Indonesia.

AMAN Indonesia strongly condemns the instrumentalization  of the female body for suicide bombings, especially for reasons of empowerment. The terrorist’s female empowerment propaganda is spreading a false sense of awareness and clearly violates women’s right to life.

AMAN Indonesia fully supports the Indonesian National Police to take necessary security measures, and to take firm action against the perpetrators who are clearly involved in this terrorist act.

AMAN Indonesia appreciates the work of the ministries and networks in providing help to the bomb victims, and supporting them economically and socially in the long term. It is important for the state to provide justice for the victims of terrorism.

AMAN Indonesia calls for all users of social media to trust in formal news sources that are reliable, and to avoid controversial debates that are unnecessary and could potentially divide us. This act of terror has clearly taken innocent victims. They were men, women and children that were in the act of worship. Stop spreading photos of victims or information that is not clear, this spreads the sense of fear that is desired by the terrorist groups.

AMAN Indonesia encourages civil society and interfaith organizations to cooperate against all forms of terror acts, including all efforts to purposely develop terrorism in Indonesian. We encourage society to empathize with the victims of the bombs and their families for a thorough and long-term recovery.

Thank you

Ruby Kholifah,
Country Representative of
AMAN Indonesia

Ruby Kholifah
Secretary General of The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN)
Country representative of AMAN Indonesia

16 May 2018





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