Statement from the Network in Defense of Humanity Concerning the Manipulated Process against Former President of Brazil Lula

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April 10, 2018

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By Network in Defense of Humanity

We have witnessed in recent days the orchestration arranged by the representatives of the most rancid section of the Brazilian oligarchy, the organs of justice and the informative and televising outlets of that country. From this corrupt complicity has risen an arbitrary and illegal decision that can lead president and leader of the Workers’ Party Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva to jail, and thus preclude his candidacy for next October’s elections, in what would be a prolongation of the coup d’état that ousted President Dilma Rousseff in 2016.

Due to the successes achieved by his government in the fight against poverty and inequalities, Lula is the candidate with the broadest popular support in the country, and that is well known by the right and its international allies. That is why they have used all possible ways to discredit and disable him. The farce that we have just witnessed is aimed at gaining a key position in Latin America to strengthen the neoliberal wave that will ruin any vestige of social advancement on the continent.

Once again bourgeois democracy and its institutions have demonstrated their inability to guarantee justice. From a supposed democratic order, they have used the most grotesque corruption, manipulation, threat and lies at their disposal to put an end to an option of the dispossessed.

Enough of this invoking of democracy and justice to oppose them to the people when the true and most authentic meaning emanates from them.

In these difficult and defining moments, the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity embraces, once again, Comrade Lula and with him the Brazilian people, mobilized today in support of their leader to recover in the streets the power illegitimately snatched by a cast of neo-fascists and known thieves.

We call on all networks, organizations and social movements to accompany our brothers and sisters in Brazil in denouncing this alarming situation and to speak on social networks with the greatest speed and forcefulness.

Network in Defense of Humanity

6 April 2018






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