Israel’s dirty tricks department and Palestinian ingenuity

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September 1, 2020

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By Ranjan Solomon

Israel’s government obviously has a well-staffed department in one of its cells where they arrive each morning to invent political muck. Among the many things they plan there, one can be certain they design irrational methods for ethnic cleansing. They go further. They make their plans look like actions that guarantee security to their own citizens. On the contrary however their plans are evil blueprints to subjugate the Palestinians.

Our first article in this edition: “Israel’s deals to ‘transfer’ Palestinians are thinly-disguised ethnic cleansing” exposes this wicked design”. For as long as Israel practices racism, colonialism and apartheid, and employs occupation as a political tool, they must also learn to expect reactions from Palestinians and their supporters around the world that may not be quite-so-politically appetizing.

Palestinians from Gaza have resorted to send incendiary balloons in the same way as as they used to fire rockets into areas across the border. An Electronic Intifada report underlines how the incendiary balloons are no match to Israel’s sophisticated and modern weapons. They are simply burning wicks attached to balloons and releasing them in the direction of Israel. The balloons are carried into Israel by the wind. Reports say they cause fires on farm land and, as a result, incur a small amount of damage to Israel’s economy. Yet nobody has been killed or injured by them. Israel despises these relatively harmless acts of resistance. In revenge, it unashamedly employs highly destructive missiles from F-16s in heavily populated Gaza.

Even those who once aspired for a peaceful, dialogue-centered solution which would be just for both Palestinians and Israelis have lost patience with Israel. A criminal rogue state which kills at will and shoots at any target that moves which they don’t like may have won them a space in the deep blue sea. It may sound anti-Semitic to say this. But a rogue regime, which has no license to persist with crude laws, policies, and practices does not deserve a place in civilization.

Israel may want to remember that even the Nazi era came to an end. Their own Nazi-type behavior will also have to face and abrupt halt. Injustice to the Palestinians cannot be eternal. The political rogues who run Israel will do better for themselves by learning this lesson.

As an integral part of its ongoing propaganda, Israel, along with its ardent supporters and mass of mysterious instruments, fervently reiterate in the media, on university campuses, in blogs and comment sections, the same old, tired Zionist myths. Israel treats international laws and conventions with contempt, and contravenes them with escalating promptness and maintains a brutal military occupation. Israel is easily the foremost rogue State. Its overt and covert allies and supporters are part of this ‘rougeness’ .

28 August 2020