In Pursuit of Peace and Justice: 100 Peace & Justice Leaders and Models (List #3)

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March 16, 2018

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By Anthony J. Marsella and Kathleen Malley-Morrison

(See Lists #1 and #2 here)

Continuing the Legacy . . .

9 Mar 2018 – With a continuing commitment to the work and consequences of Reverend Martin Luther King’s enduring efforts to promote peace and justice through non-violence, we submit a third list of living peace and justice leaders and models for recognition and distribution.

We are eternally grateful for Reverend King’s efforts to free people and nations from the brutal oppressions imposed by governments, nations, societies, organizations, and individuals. Regardless of the source, those who willfully support and sustain the evils of racism, prejudice, violence, and war, will yield to peace and justice leaders because of an inherent moral sense, even if denied in some.

Reverend King’s commitment to freedom from oppression and abuse compel us to continue his efforts far beyond the words, song, and promises of his day. His abuse from corrupt government offices and officials likely resulted in his assassination. Reverend King’s awareness of his persecution and perhaps assassination at the hands of his enemies did not prevent him from continuing his efforts; he knew even in his death, his truths would endure.

List 3

Like other prior published Lists, the individuals cited on this List come represent a variety of demographic markers including gender, ethnicity, race, age, nation, religion, and life- style persuasion.  By accessing the URL accompanying the person’s name, you can read of their peace and justice activism and advocacy.

We have reviewed each person’s contributions and were privileged to consider their listing.  It is axiomatic some individuals will be criticized by others for their presence because of masked activities. Clearly, in a world of fake news, misrepresentations, and hacking, errors may be made. Forgive us if this is the case. We are earnest in our effort to bring recognition to those whose efforts required courage and commitment.

Our choice of the number 100 is arbitrary, for there are thousands of individuals who deserve citation. Most are not listed; we will continue to create list for future efforts. Do not be dismayed! Patience! We believed it essential to develop lists of living peace and justice activists and advocates to encourage and foster peace and justice work.

In the omnipresent face of abuses and oppression, in the face of persecution from government and private sources demonstrated via the betrayal and misuse of the secret FISA Court’s politicization and weaponization,  we  recall and honor iconic peace and justice leaders of the past, including Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Samuel Gompers, Caesar Chavez, Larry Itliong, Rachel Corrie, Philip Berrigan & Daniel Berrigan, Glenn Paige, Hedy Epstein, Malcolm X, and scores of others.

Peace and justice advocates and activists, across time, are testimony to the enduring human spirit to resist oppression to claim liberty, and to endure, even when the costs are life. Individuals recognized on List 1, List 2, and now List 3 are part of the tradition of resistance to oppression, and the promotion of peace and justice.

There can be no greater honor! Regardless of religious persuasion, the beautiful words from the Sermon on the Mount resonate across time and place: Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called children of God.” (Matthew 5.9KJV).

Spirit of Our Times

There is a new spirit of encounter (e.g., Black Lives Matter); a new spirit of protest evidenced by DC gatherings for women and minority groups; a new spirit of communication among media free of government or wealth controls; there is a new spirit of protest against war and militarism, and the spending of a nation’s wealth on weaponry and endless war; there is a new spirit of concern for life and land, especially regarding anthropogenic climate changes; there is a new spirit of determination to expose the abuses of privilege and position by select government official who have politicized and weaponized laws for personal use (e.g., FISA).

These emerging changes signal and sustain “Hope!”  “Hope” is the life blood of progressive change. “Hope” can be suppressed and oppressed, but it cannot be defeated.  “Hope” endures because it is the essence of life.  Regardless of life forms and species, “Hope” is the evolutionary impulse pursuing survival and becoming.

We consider our efforts a beginning, and we will continue to publish new lists. This is so because the struggle for peace and justice is endless, and each day new people are rising to the call. This is as it should be, and must be, until such time as the forces of oppression fall before the forces of good; evil will continue, but human virtue, endowed in human conscience, will triumph!

Goals of Peace and Justice

Almost two decades ago, David Reiff (1999), in his classic paper, “The precarious triumph of human rights” (New York Times Magazine, August 8, pp. 36-4) articulated his view of “new moral order” characteristics; his thoughts were prescient:

  • Civil society;
  • Humanitarianism;
  • Human rights versus state sovereignty;
  • Emergence of human rights activists, development workers, aid experts committed to needs of an interdependent world;
  • Small is beautiful;
  • Democracy building;
  • Growth of NGOs;
  • Considering individual as well as state rights;
  • Plans for a permanent international criminal court.

To these, we would add the following:

  • Decentralization;
  • Grass-Roots participation;
  • Non-violence
  • Communication/networking;
  • Determination to question and to hold accountable those with wealth, power, position and person.

Before sharing our third list, we wish to include two charts offering graphic displays of essential material for appreciating living leaders.




1. Aalbers: Dan Aalbers

2. Abu-Jamal: Mumia Abu-Jamal

3. Agro: Ed Agro

4. Ahn: Christine Ahn

5. Arvold: Nancy Arvold

6. Avery:  John Scales Avery

7. Belafonte: Harry Belafonte

8. Belo: Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo

9. Bemak:  Fred Bemak

10. Bennis: Phyllis Bennis

11. Bharti: Kriti Bharti

12. Bica: Camillo Mac Bica

13. Botari:  Mary Botari

14. Buchelt: Paul Buchheit

15. Carr: Stuart Carr

16. Ciafalo:  Nuria Ciafalo

17. Clements: Kevin Clements

18. Cook: Jonathan Cook

19. Cooper: Mary Pelton Cooper

20. Corseri: Gary Corseri

21. Ćudić: Edvin Kanka Ćudić

22. Daoudi: Mohammed Dajani Daoudi Daoudi

23. DeRivera: Joseph DeRivera

24. Eidelson: Judy Eidelson

25. Evans: Jodie Evans

26. Fabri: Mary Fabri

27. Faiz:  Faiz Ahmed Faiz

28. Feeley: Tom  Feely

29. Garris: Eric Garris

30. Gbowee: Leymah Gbowee

31. Gerstein: Lawrence H. Gerstein

32. Gibbons: Judith Gibbons

33. Giraldi: Philip Giraldi

34. Glover: Danny Glover

35. Goose: Stephen Goose

36. Gordon: Rebecca Gordon

37. Grassie: William Grassie

38. Gundle: Sarah Gundle

39. Halper: Jeff Halper

40. Hall: Harold Hall

41. Hand: Judith Hand

42. Harjo: Suzan Shown Harjo

43. Hartsough: David Hartsough

44. Hess: John Hess

45. Hill: Anita Hill

46. Hudson: Kate Hudson

47. Huerta: Dolores Huerta

48. Hunter: Daniel Hunter

49. Ivey: Allen Ivey

50. Jacevich: Mirsad “Miki” Jacevich

51. Jackson: Michael R. Jackson

52. Jianping: Cheng Jianping

53. Judge: Anthony Judge

54. Kaneza: Carine Kaneza

55. Karlin: Mark Karlin

56. Karman: Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman

57. Kavi: Ashok Row Kavi

58. Kehler: Randy Kehler

59. Kielburger:  Craig Kielburger

60. Khan: Imran Khan

61. Koenisberg: Richard A. Koenigsberg

62. Kokesh: Adam Kokesh

63. Kovalev: Sergei Kovalev

64. Kovic: Ron Kovic

65. Landis: Dan Landis

66. Levi: Lennart Levi

67. Lewis: John Lewis

68. Macy: Joanna Macy

69. Matache: Margareta Matache

70. Mbaezue: Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Mbaezue

71. McCourt: Jon McCourt

72. Muzaffar: Chandra Muzaffar

73. Navalny: Alexei Navalny

74. Olson: Brad Olson

75. Omalu: Bennet Omalu

76. Osorio: Jonathan Osorio

77. Paxton: Tom Paxton

78. Pineda-Marcon: Nella Pineda-Marcon

79. Qazi: Moin Qazi

80. Quan: Guo Quan

81. Raman: V. Raman

82. Rich: Frank Rich

83. Rodriguez:Jaime Rodriguez

84. Roth: Judy Roth

85. Rudmin: Floyd Rudmin

86. Salem: Walid Salem

87. Scahill: Jeremy Scahill

88. Shahshahani: Azadeh N. Shahshahani

89. Sloan: Todd Sloan

90. Smith: Zadie Smith

91. Snyder: Susi Snyder

92. Solnit: Rebecca  Solnit

93. Vredeveld: Angie Vredeveld

94. Watkins: Mary Watkins

95. Weiwei: Ai Weiwei

96. Welch: Bryant Welch

97. Wong: Paul T. Wong

98. Yoshinaga: Aiko Yoshinaga

99. Zarni: Maung Zarni

100.Zuniga: Bertha Zuniga

Join us in celebrating the individuals making our world a better place for all, individuals advancing the human and natural order. List 4 is in preparation.

Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D., a member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environment.

Kathleen Malley-Morrison, Ed.D., Director of the Group on International Perspectives on Governmental Aggression and Peace (GIPGAP).

12 March 2018






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