Erdogan Successfully Drives Soros Out of Turkey

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November 27, 2018

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By Adam Garrie

The billionaire George Soros is more renowned for meddling in the sovereign affairs of foreign states than he is for quitting his association with them, but when it comes to Turkey, Soros has in fact decided to walk away. According to statements from Soros’s Open Society Foundation, all activities based in Turkey will unilaterally cease after Soros operatives involved in the financing of terror were apprehend by Turkish law enforcement officials.

Turkey’s President President Tayyip Erdogan recently spoke about the negative effects that Soros’s meddling have had on Turkey as it relates to the case of one Osman Kavala who is currently in prison for staging a terrorist provocation. Erdogan stated,

“The person (Kavala) who financed terrorists during the Gezi incidents, is already in prison. And who is behind him? The famous Hungarian Jew Soros. This is a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it these way”.

This is not the first time that Erdogan has defended Turkish dignity against the incursions of those employed by George Soros. Prior to June’s elections in Turkey, western financial firms including those associated with Soros began wildly speculating against the Turkish Lira. In response to this, President Erdogan said the following during a speech made in May of this year:

“Our economy grew by 7.4 last year and we are not slaves of Soros or anyone else but Allah.

Hey finance sector, if you play these types of games with our investors, know that you will pay a heavy price. My brothers who have dollars or euros under their pillows, go and invest your money in the lira. We will foil this plan all together”.

By putting pressures on Soros agents in Turkey, Ankara has successfully done what many weaker nations have not be able to do. Namely, Turkey has successfully removed Soros’s influence from Turkey by taking a tough stance on his operatives who have been caught attempting to overthrow the peace and stability of the Republic of Turkey.

In addition to speculating against the Lira, the Soros operative Kavala is among a dangerous handful of individuals who in 2013 staged a violent provocation in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Additionally, Kavala was known to have close links with the Peoples’ Democratic Party, the political wing of the terror group PKK.

As Soros regularly ploughs millions into various political and agitation driven movements throughout the world, Turkey is now in a rare position to offer other nations guidance on how to successfully apprehend and bring to justice the Soros operatives whose mission is to overturn the peaceful governance of sovereign nations. In addition to Turkey, Russia and Hungary have also taken moves in recent years against organisations funded and/or operated by Soros.

A Soros free Turkey is in fact a vital component to resisting attempts by foreign agents to undermine the will of the Turkish people as was recently expressed in this summer’s Presidential and parliamentary elections which saw Erdogan winning a new term under the revised constitution while the AK Party/MH Party alliance came first in the country’s national parliament. As Turkey prepares for local elections, it is vital that foreign interference does not come between the Turkish citizen and the ballot box.

As part of President Erdogan’s overarching stance on reviving the domestic and geopolitical vitality of the Republic of Turkey, it is essential that all political movements operating in Turkey do so legally and peacefully. The reckless decades long track record of Soros indicates that the presence of his organisations in any nation represents a prima facie threat to the desired state of law and order that is necessary to insure the security and prosperity of all Turks.

Because of this, the Soros withdrawal from Turkey should be welcomed as it will not only ensure a fair, free and peaceful set of local elections, but it will help secure Turkish sovereignty against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Adam Garrie is Director at Eurasia future and co-host of The History Boys with George Galloway.

26 November 2018