Campaign targets Facebook over attacks on Palestinian content

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February 28, 2018

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By Middle East Monitor

Activists will launch a social media campaign against Facebook for its deliberate targeting of pages which support Palestinian rights.

Social media users will use the hashtag #FBfightsPalestine to draw attention to their campaign.

Coordinator of Sada Social Centre, Iyad Rifai, said the campaign is scheduled to begin tomorrow evening will be the first step against Facebook’s latest actions.

He explained that the campaign aims to educate people about Facebook’s recent treatment of Palestinian content and the extent of its violations.

“We are planning to take further steps, if Facebook does not clearly clarify its policies with regards to dealing with the Palestinian content,” Rifai added.

He stressed that the group is mulling taking legal action against Facebook through international institutions concerned with freedom of opinion and expression, as well as institutions concerned with freedoms on social media.

Last year, 200 violations were monitored by Facebook against Palestinians including the closure and blocking of Palestinian pages and accounts and the deletion of photographs and postings.

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